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Sun West DLC: Calculus 30

Type of Delivery Online Moodle Based 
Synchronous/Asynchronous Asynchronous 
Offered By Sun West Distance Learning Centre 
Pre-requisite Pre-Calculus 30 or C30 
Semester/Non-semester Non-Semestered Continuous Intake 
Availability Unlimited 
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Course Description:

This course will bring together much of your past knowledge from previous math courses and expand upon it. The course will be focusing on topics such as functions, limits, derivatives and their graphs and applications, integration, and area and integrals.


Calculus 30

Type of Delivery  Online
Synchronous/Asynchronous  Asynchronous
Offered By  Saskatoon Public Schools
Pre-requisite  Math C30 or Pre-Calc 30
Semester/Non-semester  Semester 2
Availability  30 seats
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Course Description:

This is an advanced mathematics class for very capable math students. The course is aimed at students who will be taking calculus at university.

Topics include: differentiation, integration and related applications.

Course Title: Calculus 30

Type of Delivery Online Asynchronous
Synchronous/Asynchronous Asynchronous
Offered By South East Cornerstone
Semester/Non-semester Flex intake - anytime enrollment
Availability Contact Peggy Lawson for Availability
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Course Description:

Calculus 30 is a 100-hour course.  The content of the Calculus 30 curriculum guide has been divided into nine units:

A.      Introduction

B.       Functions

C.       Limits and Continuity

D.      Differentiation

E.       Applications of Derivatives to Curve Sketching

F.       Practical Applications of Derivatives

G.       Derivatives of the Transcendental Functions

H.      Integration

I.         The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Many of the units contain both compulsory and optional learning objectives.  The optional learning objectives have been included to indicate other possible topics for interested or advanced students and are found in Appendix A.  The optional learning objectives should only be used with the full class if time permits.  These objectives should not be addressed at the expense of any of the compulsory learning objectives.


Course Title: Calculus 30

Type of Delivery
Offered By
 North East School Division
Semester/Non-semester - Semester Two
 Semester Two
 10 students
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Course Description: 

Calculus 30 -  This course will utilize recorded sessions so the student will be required to watch the lectures in addition to accessing the content through Moodle.


Course Title: Calculus 30 - Semester 2

Type of Delivery  Televised/Online Synchronous
Synchronous/Asynchronous  Synchronous/Asynchronous
Offered By  Regina Public ITI/Online
Semester/Non-semester  Semester 2 - Noon-12:50pm
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Course Description:

Prerequisite: Math C30

While Math C30 is a prerequisite it maybe taken concurrently.  Students will apply the mathematical skills they have developed through all previous math classes.   Topics to be worked with are differentiation of sums/products/quotients, limits, the chain rule, maximum and minimum problems, motion, applications of Calculus to curves ketching, and area under curves. Broadcasts will be four days a week from l2 noon - 12:50pm with a test or an assignment on day five.

All classes are:

1. Video Streamed for student use either as review or if absent.
2. On Blackboard, a course management system.
3. Fully interactive

Textbook: Calculus a First Course
by Stewart/Davison/Ferroni

Calculus 30

Type of Delivery On-line Asynchronous
Synchronous/Asynchronous Asynchronous
Offered By Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School
Pre-requisite Mathematics C 30
Semester/Non-semester 150 Days
Availability Course availability dependent on registrations.
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Course Description:

Calculus 30 involves a study of limits, the derivative function and its applications to problem solving and graphing, and integration and its applications.


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